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Growing Crops in the Desert

We are entering a new era where farming techniques and laborious tasks can be greatly improved and enhanced with the help of necessary technology. Aquaponics helps farmers save costs, increase yield, and even improve health and sustainability of the farm itself. Not only that, but anyone can do it! One of the many fascinating aspect of aquaponics farming is the ability to control environmental and other climatic conditions. It can be adjusted to suit the optimum plant growing conditions. ...

Author Jonathan Reyes
#Aquaponics #Aquaculture #Desert Farming #Organic

Growing with Aquaponics

An Aquaponics system is a combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (the medium of cultivating plants without soil media). The technology of aquaponics works together in a way that both the plants and the fishes cultivated have a mutually beneficial relationship as there is a recycling of nutrients occurring between them. This is nothing new to the Middle East and actually uses technology that the Ancient Egyptians invented over 10,000 years ago. ...

Author Jonathan Reyes
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Hydroponic Solutions in Middle Eastern Contexts

One major challenge facing the world’s agricultural sector in both crop and livestock production is the threat of global climate change resulting in arid and desert lands in some regions of the world. An area is considered as a desert when there is a low precipitation period below 10 inches in a particular geographical region caused by prolonged water supply shortages. Agricultural activities in crop production for humans and fodder supplies from crop residues for livestock rearing is at declining state in crop production. ...

Author Jonathan Reyes